About Us

eMac Office Systems Limited is a business-to-business Supplier of office furniture and copy papers (emac branded) within the marketplace. eMac Office system was once a full scale retailer but decided to be a major importer of office supplies mainly office furniture.

How We Begin

Spaces for retailers in the market place are limited hence the need for us to focus mainly on wholesaling with better pricing structure for retailers. We have noticed the trend approximately five years previously and decided to enter the market with reduced prices to retailers so as to give them room to grow their businesses.

Inspired by the growth of the Internet and the potential for yet more growth, It was envisioned that eMac can source good quality products at fear prices and offer Jamaicans retailers and end users more for their monies.

Our Mission is simple; we will work with retailers and wholesalers to get the best quality products and prices from anywhere around the world and in particular, China. We do not stock all items but we can have them in Jamaica at the earliest time. If wholesalers or retailers are interesting in working together, we are open for discussion as any partnership will be good for the Jamaican market place.

How eMac Do it

Market Synergy through Trade Networks

Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects or results.

“The synergy between eMac Office Systems Limited and other similar in nature interesting companies will bring forth great reward”

eMac can facilitate businesses similar in nature; we put similar businesses together into groups which we call Trade Network. Our trade network represents a unique trade community by itself. Members communicate with us to facilitate deals, in particular China and thus forming collaborative market power to improve their businesses.

Low Cost services Through Scalability
With members coming on board, we are able to develop and offer services at low and competitive prices. In addition, we are able to form alliances with suppliers in china to serve the diverse needs of our members. eMac Systems Limited is not to be seen as a competitor but rather a facilitator of competitive prices for all parties involve.

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